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About Metagnosis



Our courses are original (written by Silvio Guerrinha), who has been researching these topics for over 25 years and is the author of several books.

In our courses, we promise no illusions (supernatural powers, macro PK: large-scale psychokinesis to move large objects, etc). We promise no illusions.

However, I believe that only micro-PK is possible, but it requires a lot of training, depending on the individuals' magnetism.

Unlike other websites, which sell courses over $100, we have affordable prices and lifetime access.

So enjoy!

Our logo has the letters "M" and "G." Metagnosis refers to something beyond knowledge, something that transcends knowledge itself (meta = beyond, gnosis = knowledge).

I was not inspired by the company "Meta" that owns Facebook, as I had registered my domain and logo three years earlier.

"Meta" was created in October 2021, I registered meta-gnosis in May 2018.