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Remote Viewing

Remote Viewing course.


Learn about remote viewing, how to create your own sessions, and how to view any target remotely. This Remote Viewing course takes a more spiritual perspective.

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Seven modules, which are 60 pages.

The history of Remote Viewing, what is RV.

Protocols for Remote Viewing, secret government projects.

Psychic development exercises, scrying.

Synchronicity and causality.

Recharging your psychic energy.

CIA and The Gateway Process.

The human mind: superconscious and subconscious.

Dynamic sessions, the target, types of remote viewers.

Glossary of terms.

Documents are available for download and printing.


“Today, remote viewing is taught to some military intelligence agencies. Given some training, almost anyone can do it with excellent results.”

Jaime Licauco (is a renowned parapsychologist, author, and management practitioner in the Philippines.)

"...Union between mind and matter is a form of energy about which little is apparently known in the U. S., but which appears to have significant military application and implication."

James B. Channon, Headquarters of TRADOC, fort Monroe, Virginia, in 1979.

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